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At Fidelity Legal Nurse Consulting, we help attorneys unveil the mysteries of medical records to develop the best possible medical malpractice and personal injury cases. We analyze and interpret medical records, locate expert witnesses, identify missing documents, produce affidavits as expert witnesses, and prepare recommendation reports. 


In short, we recognize experienced attorneys can read medical records but the question is can they INTERPRET the records as fast as a healthcare provider such as a legal nurse - who can SAVE  them time and money, understand the implications of the details, and identify the clinical and regulatory guidelines that they need to bolster their position?

We coach attorneys from the early stage of the litigation process till the end. We give them reliable comprehensive reports that contain chronological timeline, medical analysis, recommendations. As a result of working with us, they have the necessary resources and work study tools that they need to strengthen their bargaining power and defend their cases more effectively. 

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